For all the women you are
Masterpieces do not necessarily end up in museums. At MAUD FRIZON, every piece is a work of art.

Our shoe collection combines artistic creativity with the finest workmanship and is complemented by a stylish collection of handbags and accessories. All for the MAUD FRIZON Woman: a feminine and sophisticated yet fashionably mischievous personality. With her feet wrapped in a pair of luxurious velvet jewel-pumps and her body cosseted in an elegant asymmetrically-cut sheath dress, the MAUD FRIZON Woman effortlessly glides between the refined and casual, the classic and the contemporary.

The MAUD FRIZON Woman feels no need to look up to models on the catwalk, nor does she obsess over celebrities on the red carpet. She is the envy of other women: confident, self-assured and multifaceted - both giving and demanding 100%. Watch her confidently stroll down the streets of Paris, Milan or New York. She does not follow style. She creates it. All with shoes that speak volumes about her personality – so that she doesn’t have to say a word.