For all the women you are

Meet the MAUD FRIZON woman, a chic, feminine and mischievous personality, her feet elegantly wrapped in a pair of finely crafted high heel pumps. Watch her confidently stroll down the streets of Paris, Milan or New York. She does not follow style. She creates it.




'If shoes can be said to have a personality, none have more
so than the products of MAUD FRIZON's imagination.'

Colin McDowell, author of SHOES - FASHION & FANTASY 
(Thames and Hudson)

Since the glamorous heyday of the 60's, and the opening of the first boutique in the legendary St Germain des Pres district in Paris in 1969, MAUD FRIZON has created sexy, unpredictable shoes, with heaps of personality. 

Always feminine, often eccentric, MAUD FRIZON designs are recognizable by their coquettish extravagance. The woman who wears MAUD FRIZON revels in the knowledge that each pair of exquisite, dream-inspired stilettos, or exotic, bejewelled pumps, distinguishes her as a connoisseur of footwear.

MAUD FRIZON is also the brand worn by movie stars such as Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot and Sophie Marceau, and has created shoes for fashion designers AZZEDINE ALAIA, CLAUDE MONTANA and SONIA RYKIEL.

"For the past twenty years MAUD FRIZON has been creating such original and innovative shoes that they have been described as being to footwear what Dom Perignon is to champagne."

Colin McDowell, author of SHOES - FASHION & FANTASY (Thames and Hudson)





These are the blocks made of wood or resine from which shoes are made. They are the first step and the most important agents in making a shoe, as the quality of the last reflects the design quality as well as the comfort of a shoe. Good lasts require perfection in the shape, precision in the arch, the marriage of experienced craftsmanship and artistic creativity. There is a last for each size, and each time, a repeated challenge of absolute balance. 
Our shoe sizes range from 35 up to 42 for our most popular models, which counts up to 20 lasts for the right and the left foot. Some of our lasts date back to the heydays of the 1970's. Step in with confidence, our lasts will last!

the FIT

In selecting our lasts, we account for an important criterion which varies according to different markets: the fit. Did you know that fits which are popular in North America are very different from the ones most popular in, say, Asia?

A pair of MAUD FRIZON shoes is a sophisticated creation that incorporates fashion and function, style and technique. 
We believe that shoes are a woman's best friends. 
​We make sure every step is comfortable.


Each pair of MAUD FRIZON footwear is handmade. The production cycle is composed of over 100 steps, involving craftsmen from over 10 different specialties who combine between themselves over 100 years of experience.


Only the finest will do! Be it soft and supple kidskin that allows the feet to breathe, shiny galuchat fish skin for an glittery evening, Swarovski strass encrusted on high heels, handmade delicate needle-point lace, rainbow-colored whip snake; Each season, we propose materials and fabrics that are modern, daring yet adapted to our environment. 
Be MAUD FRIZON, take an Avant-garde step.