'If shoes can be said to have a personality, none have more
so than the products of MAUD FRIZON's imagination.'
Colin McDowell, author of SHOES - FASHION & FANTASY
(Thames and Hudson)
Since the glamorous heydays of the 60's, and the opening of the first boutique in the legendary St Germain des Pres district in Paris in 1969, MAUD FRIZON has created sexy, unpredictable shoes, impressing established fashion critics and amateur shoe-lovers alike.

A lifelong shoe fanatic, Madame Maud Frizon - the eponymous designer after which the brand is named - believed in two things: that shoes are the ultimate medium of expressing one’s personality, and that “people are judged more by what they put on their feet than by what they put on their backs.”
As an in-demand haute-couture catwalk model for some of the largest French fashion houses at the time, Madame Frizon felt that the shoes available then did not quite have the right mix of creativity and personality to suit her, so she elected to begin designing her own.

Her debut collection, each pair carefully cut and finished by hand, was an immediate success. Critics praised Madame Frizon’s designs as stunning, sexy and unpredictable, and her designs captivated the eyes of the Parisian fashion world. Riding on this success, Madame Frizon soon after opened her first boutique in the legendary St Germain de Prés district, and thus MAUD FRIZON was born.

Since then, MAUD FRIZON has become an iconic if not legendary name in the universe of footwear. She has designed shoes for fashion designers such as AZZEDINE ALAIA, CLAUDE MONTANA and SONIA RYKIEL, and her shoes have been worn and collected by stars such as Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Donna Summer, Carly Simon and Cher.
"For the past twenty years MAUD FRIZON has been creating such original and innovative shoes that they have been described as being to footwear what Dom Perignon is to champagne."
Colin McDowell, author of SHOES - FASHION & FANTASY (Thames and Hudson)